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My name is Katie, I spent most of my life in Eastern Europe, but I've traveled all over the place. I even got a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Business. I do really love travelling. I also love my family and husband, I actually love them more than travelling! Last year my husband and I moved across the ocean and landed in North Idaho. Now we both work in a web design and marketing company, go hiking, take road trips, shoot lots of film, collect all kinds of vintage stuff and have a garden. Married life in a new town far away from my family is very new to me but I'm really excited to document all the little moments here on Chestnut Mocha.

This is my husband, Ben. You may catch him posting on the blog, too, from time to time. Ben has a degree in Film and he's very creative. He currently works as a web developer. He also does things like painting with wine, film making, graphic design, he writes songs, poems and stories... I can continue this list of things I'll never be able to do for a long time. He's amazing. He also loves to cook (and I love to eat) and he's a great listener. I love this man.

This our bunny Yena, she lives in Russia with my parents right now and I can't wait to bring her here. She's almost 3 years old and she's a very sweet thing. This fur ball loves to sit on my lap and licks my hands when she wants attention. I miss her.

And this is Sonya bun, the youngest in our family. She's super cute but has quite a character! She does many extravagant things for attention like dropping her dish full of food, eating shoes and even growling! We love her anyways and forgive her no matter what.

You can read our love story HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Katie.

Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day. I'm really excited to get planting in my garden and because of your comment, I'll be planting some turnips!

Keep in touch. I can't wait to see your garden grow as well!


Baylee said...

Great about us!
That's awesome you guys lived so many places.
I wanted to say, my fiance and I both call each other Bun! Very weird!

Alma Boheme said...

I love this!

Rima said...

i just love both of you since you LOVE bunnies :))))))))))))))) yay.

Kelsey Keller Weller said...

I think it's awesome you met in Montana. I seriously think Montana is one of the prettiest and most romantic out of the 50 nifty states.

Unknown said...

So nice to meet you Ben and Katie! Thanks for checking out Sealed With a Kay (www.sealedwithakay.com)

stefanie hurtado said...

what a well traveled couple!! and so adorable, too :) i can't wait to read up on your life in sandpoint!

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