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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainbows, Bunnies and Sam Cooke

May is almost over, we've been having lots of fun recently, we:

-  took some bunny polaroids
- witnessed a double rainbow
- spent lazy Monday at home together
- celebrated Michael’s bday and hosted Flying Toy Photo Contest
- went to a Sand Theatre and Russian Folk concert on Friday night
-  walked across a huge bridge and discovered a new fav raspberry milkshake
-  I watched the new pirates movie with a friend. We were disappointed. The mermaids were nice though
-   Ben performed as a real American Eagle for the AEO opening in Moscow
He got a new summer look. And a lovely surprise for Katie
- had bbq with friends in a park on Sat
-   made mozzarella and peanut sauce pizzas

Ben having fun at work. {AEO}

Our mozzarella pizza
The girls in the traditional costumes singing Russian folk songs.
Peanut sauce pizza by Ben
With my Yena-bunny on the balcony.
It has been stormy and windy for the past couple of nights, making the doors shake and keeping us up, but the rainbow was worth it.

And finally, here's some Sam Cooke, just because.  These are two of Ben's favorites from his gospel recordings.  And here is a great live versions of one of his pop songs.

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