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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't eat, just smell!

Your choice! ps: the nice whiite frame is actually the food tents on the sides :-)
Grumpy cheerleaders
o-la-la France
Retiring in Russia
Loved this opera ad.
We found a lady selling these peonies from her garden in a underground crossing - they are so tender and smell amazingly!
We are so much into food that when i saw an announcement for a World Food Festival i immediately made it into our weekend plan number one. We headed over there on Saturday: the day was pretty nice, for the first time during the week it was sunny and hot, we were very excited on the subway discussing what we should eat and drink. It was supposed to be a park divided into the zones-continents where you could visit different countries, take pictures of their famous sights and taste the national cuisine.  

When we left the subway our excitement started to fall dramatically: the crowds on the streets, at the both park entrances, all over the park! At first we just turned around and left but then we decided to walk up another small side street and eventually found a less crowded entrance. So we waited, meanwhile watching the disappointed faces of those who were leaving such a desirable event and hearing them saying something like "..waste of time..", ".. why are they all waiting in the line for THAT?!?..", and the other praises for the organisers of the event. In 15 minutes we were inside. Just to find more lines to every and each little food shop in the park! Everything smelled pretty good but we mostly saw the grumpy faces of the visitors. We visited all the continents, shot the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Marilyn Monroe.. and ran out in search for some real food! We ended up in a cafe having sushi and Tibetan tea and i should say it couldn't have been better!

PS: Happy father's day to all the wonderful dads out there, to my own papa and to Benjamin's father! We love you, dads!!!

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