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Thursday, June 2, 2011

good day sunshine

With all the daytime nightmares and sleepless nights recently I had no time to share some nice sunny moments from the last weekend.
First of all we discovered a new icy love. I’m wondering how I could live all the previous summers without homemade popsicles!?! Fresh and healthy, juicy and colorful – I’m totally in love! And so is my mister, my brother and even my grandmother! We love you, berry popsicles!

On Saturday we went to a park for a friend’s bday bbq party. It was a sunny day perfect for tanning, playing Frisbee and badminton, eating strawberries and oranges and of course chatting with the new friends.

The birthday girl.

Sunday night we organized a movie night for only two of us full of cuddling, popcorn and chicory with marshmallows (mmm I know it sounds a bit weird but oh how delicious it is!).

Yena-bun and her summer hair cut.
Happy Friday!

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