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Sunday, June 26, 2011

(milk)shake my memories

Healthy lunch before the fast-food hunt.

There's a huge billboard on a street that i walk down every day to work. I can't even tell you how surprised i was when one day i saw a familliar smiling face on it. It was a red head girl with two braids and many freckles.. this image immediately put me back in time to summer 2009: her face was on a building next to the hilton where i worked. I even visited her a couple of times for a milkshake and a salad... Wendy's has made it to Russia! So we just had to go say hi.

The first Wendy's is now open in the Arbat - an approximately one-kilometer long pedestrian street in the historical centre of Moscow. With so many souvenir stalls and shopping malls, Arbat is the most touristic area in the city. Somehow we managed to make a double promenade there and back before we spotted the right place on this endless eat-drink-buy line.

And yes we got the milkshakes!! A chocolate one with m&ms and a vanilla one with oreos! That was a perfect nostalgic evening. And it required some more calorie-burning moves, so we took another 2km walk afterwards. :-)

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