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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

smile with us

Just. Look. What. I. Found. A little bird has already flown away by the time I picked this cute thing and I’m pretty happy with this new d├ęcor element for the balcony!

Happy nails for summer days: baby blue and popcorn yellow make me smile!

Homemade banana cream popsicles: keep refreshing ourselves!

From meadow with love: found these beauties on the way home from a store and now have a little of the sunshine on my desk.

I keep photo hunting for her yawn but recently get only these cozy lazy looks from Simona.

After filling ourselves full with these pretties we used the rest for yes-yes-yes strawberry jam!!!

I just can’t get enough of these little ears!

My mom is amazing at gardening and planting. She’s always best friends with the flowers and herbs. Look what she grew on my balcony! And there are so much more out there!

PS: I'm so excited!!! Look at THIS! Benjamin made a new friend and he has a beard too!


Jenny Louise said...

Wow, there are some amazing colours in this! And is that a bunny? I want a bunny!

Lublyou said...

Hi Jenny! It is a bunny! We love it tons! It's the cuttiest thing ever! You should get one! ;-)

Katia said...

such a summery post, and what an adorable bunny rabbit! SO fluffy!

Lublyou said...

Hi Katia! Thanks a lot! Yena-the-bunny says hello :-)
ps: my name in Russian is Katia, too!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are lovely and your bunny is ADORABLE! She has such little ears! So very cute :)

Katie x

Lublyou said...

Thanks Katie&Reuben! We enjoy your pictures a lot, too! Keep posting! ;-)

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