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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Golden Half (no it's not about my mister again.. almost not..)

Let me introduce you to my all time favorite - Golden Half! Benjamin brought it for me as a Christmas gift last December when we were in Spain. He ordered it through Gmarket from Japan. It is a plastic half-size format 35mm camera which means that you can take twice the amount of ordinary 35mm pictures (48 on a 24 roll, 72 on a 36 roll). It takes two images separated by a thick black divider. And just think about it: more pictures in one frame - less processing costs! The main oddity of half-format is that while holding the camera landscape, you’re actually taking a portrait picture, and vice versa. So keep track of which frame was last then both sides of a printed picture have the same format. Golden Half can be used with a tripod and a flash. There are 8 different camera styles -- you can find them HERE. It's the coolest little toy camera ever.
Here are some photos from our latest roll: 


Katia said...

oh my! I love love love toy cameras and I've never heard of this one - but it's great! Super cute photos :)

Lublyou said...

Hi Katia!! Yes this one is adorable! It's also pretty compact and light so you can carry it everywhere you go! Which toy cameras do you like?

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