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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comparative world Starbucks

Hi, this is Benjamin! Katie loves going to Starbucks wherever we are, and she asked me to take some pictures of the one in Sandpoint to see how it was compared to the ones in Moscow. We were especially curious how the menu might be different. It's always interesting to see how international companies like Starbucks or McDonald's change their menus depending on where they are. For example, McDonald's in Korea has Bulgogi burgers! And I think in Italy some of them serve pizza. That being said, McDonald's in Russia is pretty much exactly the same as McDonald's in the US -- the raspberry milkshakes they had this summer were really good, by the way, even for people who might not usually go to McDonald's! They were soft and fluffy with raspberry syrup at the bottom and whipped cream on top :-)  And they were on the way home from work so Katie and I would stop and get them from time to time.

Anyway, here's Starbucks in Sandpoint!  I wish I could have taken Katie there and sat on the back deck overlooking the docks.  Just a week til we're reunited!


Anonymous said...

you guys are too cute. You're so right about how big international food chains vary from place to place...it's really interesting!

shari said...

I went to a McD's in Venice. I was getting tired of the pasta, since I'd been in Italy for a few weeks at that point. I kind of remember they had different stuff on their menu, but I got the Filet-o-Fish... and the cheese on it was different (better!) and I enjoyed my homeward flashback. That was the only fastfood I had in my 3 weeks in Europe!

B. Alan Robinson said...

Hi Shari and Debbie! Yeah, they're different all over... but it is nice that they're sometimes the same too. I don't generally go much to McDonald's anywhere I am, but sometimes when you've been somewhere outside the US for a long time it's nice to get something familiar.

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