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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

autumn changes at home

Now we have mushrooms drying in the kitchen that makes everything smell so good.. Some plants don't understand it's actually fall - they keep growing and don't want to have winter sleep! And now my cooking sessions are even more meaningful with the measuring cups and spoons B brought from the States! Absolutely love the autumn changes around here!


Anonymous said...

I love fall<3

Katia said...

autumn changes can be beautiful, and warm in their own way (despite the cooling of weather!).

I was hoping if you had time you'd be able to take a peek at my brand new blog :)
Still doing the other, just wanted something new too :)


Fenny Setiawan said...

DO you know, somehow I love to buy measurement spoon in any design. haha... yours is so cute :)

Lublyou said...

hi Fenny! I can understand you buying those! I love them! Thanks to Benjamin for these... :-)

another feather said...

The mushroom drying sounds wonderful! I need to get around to that..

becca said...

have you been growing your own mushrooms? that's exciting!
I love all the changes as well. perfect weather!

Unknown said...

thank you for reminding me...i need some new measuring cups!! lol

the gif of ben is open on the screen and i can barely right cause i am laughing!

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