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Thursday, September 22, 2011

come and play

This is what happens when your boyfriend's best friend is visiting Russia for the first time and you can't spend much time with them because you work. Then you find shots like these on a camera. Pretty Russian i should say. And i guess it's better than vodka, bears and gypsies, right? ;-)

PS: oh and yes, they visited Red Square, Lenin in his Mausoleum and Tretyakov Gallery!


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

haha amazing :)

his little lady said...

so perfect! my dad lived in russia for a few years. he has a hat just like this.
xo TJ


Unknown said...

Lol! That's too funny. I would SO love to visit those places!

~ Angela

Anonymous said...

haha love this. I really want to go to Russia!

Katia said...

LOL! That is so adorable, if I found these on my camera I'd just giggle so so hard!


Courtney B said...

Hahaha I am loving this! I would die if my hubs did this with a friend :) Perfect way to bring a smile to the face!

Vivian said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! SO glad you said Hi and I was able to find you back :) You should go to COLOMBIA some day..in spite of all the bad rep, it's a great place, specially the northern coast where I'm from..like the beach?..just saying.. you are in Russia? Can I come visit!!! Following your fun blog :)

another feather said...

so funny!!

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