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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

kimbaps and yoga

The whirl of life is pretty intense recently! I don't even have time to just stop and look around! Last Thursday Ben's best friend arrived for a week long visit (should i better say week-short? because it is very short when you look back!). Then the same week Ben started working and now he isn't off till 8pm in the evenings! So on Friday night we had a welcome dinner at Ben's - he made quiche! On saturday morning we headed out for my friend's wedding. It was all grey, rainy and windy - i got very cold. There were very nice moments as well - my mom sewed me a salmon colored dress; we slow danced a lot that night; the dinner was very good! 

The next moring I met with my friend and we went to a yoga class - Bikram Yoga - it was so great!! You practice it in a heated room so your body relaxes and the muscles become really elastic. The only bad thing is at the end you are completely wet and hot so even after washing and drying you are not compltetely dry.. It's hard to explain it but i guess you get the same thing after spending couple of hours in a sauna - you won't be able to fit into your jeans and such :-) Also my hair didn't want to dry completely and no fans could help. We got out of there and headed to a cafe to have tea as it was still raining outside. We went to Viet Cafe and had some spicy and very yummy treats. Then Ben and his friends joined us. They spent the day sightseeing - went to the Red Square and Tretyakov Gallery. While drinking our teas and chatting we found out another frind of ours lives nearby - so we went to her place and played memory games with Vincent van Gogh paintings! I came home late, all wet and very tired... just to wake up on Monday morning and head to work of course! That was terrible! I started getting flu with all the nice symptoms but we already had a Korean dinner planned for this night at Ben's. 

I don't know how i survived the whole day but the evening was pretty good. This time i even took some photos! Ben made kimbaps and Anya brought a cherry pie. Today is only Tuesday. I'm earlier from work because i guess my red nose made it clear to everyone that i need a break. I'm drinking my magic ginger-lemon-raspberry tea now and really hoping to feel better soon. Then i'll try to be more productive with the pictures.

Hope all is well! Have a nice week!

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m said...

thanks for your nice words..


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