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Sunday, December 4, 2011

my Mister is 25!!!

Bunbun back in 1992 with his little brother
look at Ben's wonderful golden hair and his super cute nose!

the summer i met my Bunbun!

Happy Birthday, darling!!!
My dearest Mister celebrates his BIRTHDAY today!! He is 25! That's fantastic! I am so happy that such a kind, smart, talented man was born back in 1986! I can't wait to see you tonight, dearest, and to hug you! Have an incredibly sunny and happy day!!


B. Alan Robinson said...

Katyusha darling I love you!

Anonymous said...

aww happy birthday Ben! I love those pictures - so sweet :)

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Love this <3 Happy Birthday :)

Nicole said...

we are almost twins! :) my 25th birthday is tomorrow.

happy happy celebrating!

Katia said...

Happy birthday Ben!
Hope you have a great day/week/month!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! What a sweet post. :)


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