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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love is in the air

I know it's still January! But it's so sunny and days are longer now... and one pretty lovely day is coming in 3 weeks! These thoughts brought me to the kitchen today. I decided to bake and to have some experiments. At first I made cookie dough and tried making really tiny cookies: I found a little round metal cream dispenser and used it as a cutter to make circles. After maybe ten or twelve of those made I realized I could turn them into little hearts! I'm really happy I did as they worked out perfectly well! So I had circles and hearts.. what about stars? I didn't have a little star cutter.. so I made one! I used just regular foil, folded it and shaped into a star! Well, it's not the best cutter ever and the stars look like starfish but it's my first handmade cutter :-) It wasn't the last trick: I suddenly thought that the heart cookies should be more special so I mixed some dough with fresh raspberry juice! No, the cookies after baking didn't save their pink color ( it's somewhat browny) BUT the smell is so wonderful! mmmm  I packed some in a little box for when Ben comes after work.. surprise! :-)


Anonymous said...

this is so cute and sweet!

Steph & Mac said...

Super cute! I love cookies!!
p.s thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie!

Much love!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Adorable! What a great way to make a cookie cutter!

Contemplating Beauty said...

that cutter is adorable and those cookies look divine!!!

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