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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello, this is Benjamin, we've been absent lately because Katie got really sick!  She had a bad cough and has been in the hospital for the last week with bronchitis/pneumonia.  She is almost better though, thank goodness.  Neither of us can wait for her to be out, she gets really bored.  I got to go see her this weekend for a little while, I really miss her most of the time.  We haven't had much time to take pictures or go on adventures, but I wanted to share the origin of pip-beards and a short, goofy poem I wrote a long time ago.

He came to me in a dream.

"You look a little like someone I've seen before, but your beard is longer." I said.

"This is what's called a 'pip-beard,'" he exclaimed gleefully. "It's short on the left and then 'pips' to the right!"

And here's the poem: "Une Pomme de la Route"

I ate an apple yesterday,
It tasted slightly rotten.
And though I chewed it heartily,
Its texture I've forgotten.

I've been a long time without fruit --
So long I can't remember
The reasons people eat the things
That drop in mid-September.

I'd rather suck down mounds of meat,
Or maybe pies and candy.
I am a cook trés exemplaire!
With fat I am quite handy.

Do give me lots of naughty food.
Soft cakes and basted turkey
O! Give me custard laden tarts,
And mesquite-flavored jerky.

You can keep your organique,
Your light, un-filling menus,
And I'll keep mine, my tasty treats
And greasy smelling venues.


Anonymous said...

oh no! I hope Katie gets better.

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Aw, hope she is feeling better <3

graciela alaniz said...

wow. that poem is something, and I mean this in the best possible way. I can completely relate to the feeling of just craving "naughty food." I too would "rather suck down mounds of meat, / Or maybe pies and candy."

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