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Sunday, June 24, 2012

garden update

The latest photos from our garden.
Not much harvest yet
but we spotted some cool little creatures!


We thought this little birdie was hurt.  He was hopping around and not flying when we got close to him, so we carefully caught him in a towel, he looked pretty grumpy about being caught.  We decided to give him some bread, so we crumbled some up and offered it to him, but he took the opportunity of the blanket being open to leap out and fly away.  That's when we realized that he was just a young bird who hadn't completely learned to fly yet.  It was nice to meet him for a few minutes though, and we like to think we inspired him to fly ;-)

Featured: sweet peas, cherry tomatoes, wild strawberries, and a tiny cedar tree.


hannah love said...

awww the bird is PRECIOUS!!

Steph said...

What pretty garden photos. :) So sweet to have cared for that little bird- I'm glad he wasn't injured!!

Victoria Williams said...

Nice pics. Precious little bird.
Moving to Idaho? Glad to have you. :-)

Contemplating Beauty said...

wow, that's incredible you got to hold that bird even if just for a short time...i'm glad he wasn't hurt. awwww and your garden looks so so lovely, it looks like its coming along really nicely, i'm excited to see it blossom over the summer..

Aya Smith said...

Absolutely breathtaking photos!!! That little fruit, what is that?! Gorgeous... I love the texture.

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Unknown said...

WOW! What lens do you use? These pictures are stunning. So funny about the little bird.
I can't wait to have a garden.

Lublyou said...

Thank you, everyone!

@Aya - those little red berries are wild strawberries - we brought them from a forest last summer!

@Liv - thank you! we use canon 18-55 lens!

lisa said...

These are really great photos! I love the detail of the water droplets. I miss wild strawberries- I never see them anymore since I live in the desert. Sweet story with the bird :)

Angela said...

Elles sont tres belles les photos!!!Super!

Angela Donava

Mikelle Jade said...

beautiful garden and beautiful photos. Glad to hear the bird was okay, and that you fed him, he is a cutie!

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