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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mauritius: Wildlife

Mauritius didn't surprise us with its wildlife as much as we probably expected. It's a green and nice island overall but you won't find monkeys on the trees or lots of tropical fruit all over. Here's what we saw there: 

little crabs

White Crab Mauritius Wildlife Animals
Hermit Crab Colorful Mauritius Wildlife Animals
Hermit Crab Colorful Mauritius Sea Animals
Tiny crab colorful Mauritius sea animals

beach dogs

Mauritius Beach Resort Pereybere

tropical fish

Yellow and black tropical fish Mauritius

adorable lizards

Green Lizard on tree Mauritius Wildlife Animals
Brown Lizard Mauritius Animals

funny birds

Yellow Bird on Palm Tree Mauritius

a huge spider (but only one!)  Somebody told us there weren't any big spiders in Mauritius.  Maybe they are rare.  It was kind of neat to see, but we were glad this was the only big spider we saw.  We should have put something in for scale -- it's about as big as a person's palm.

Mauritius big tropical spider
Big spider in Mauritius

Pretty cool things. I wish we had seen bunnies :-)


Kurt Avish said...

Nice photos of Mauritius. The spider and the yellow fish are amazing.

Unknown said...

There are a lot of bunnies near la mourne beach after dark. Think they like the grass of the golf course at night.

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