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Thursday, August 23, 2012

garden update: august 23rd

garden beets
garden carrots
garden peas
garden dill
beets and carrots

Our little garden grows so fast! I finally installed the sticks for the peas and now they are growing up! There are already a few tiny green peas formed on some plants! I can't wait to pick the first of them! Our beets and carrots are doing really well - they look great and I can see some tiny root crops at the bottom of the plants! Dill is the king of the garden so far. We eat it every day and it seems to grow magically overnight! It's like a forest! 

Almost every day this week our lunch consists of boiled farmer's market young potatoes with olive oil, salt and dill! It's super easy and amazingly awesome. We just buy local little potatoes, both red and white, boil them for 15 minutes till they are soft. Serve them on our plates, break them in halves with a fork (and be careful! they are really hot!), top them with cut dill; on a side of a plate we pour some olive oil, sprinkle salt and.. just dip a potato in this salty oil and eat it! Believe me it's so yummy and summery! Right now I'm boiling potatoes from the last nights' farmer's market :-)

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Baylee said...

Yuuum! That all looks so great!
I love dill. I need to grow dill. Not sure why I haven't. :)

Erica said...

Gosh. I need you to rub your green thumb on me a little bit. I've had good luck with growing herbs, but that's about it.

Amy said...

I'm basically inviting myself over for dinner now. :)
I tend to kill everything editable if i attempt ot plant it (which isn't often)
BUT i'm planning on making a raised garden bed next spring. :)
You've inspired me.

Liz Brown said...

Ahhh, your garden all looks so green and growing and amazing. Theres a drought here and nobody's garden turned out that great :( I'm excited that yours is doing well!

Rhubarbarians said...

Woah! Look at that dill! I see some pickling in your future! :)
It's really quite gorgeous. Nicely done!


Unknown said...

Beautiful garden!


Jennifer Hanson @ Wuthering Iris said...

Oh your garden looks so good, I'm jealous. ;) I wish my garden looked that good.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

I'm so incredibly jealous of your garden. It is so beautiful.

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