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Friday, August 31, 2012

my new obsession and the giveaway winner

Recently I collected four music jewelry boxes that we found in thrift shops around our town. I can't even tell you how much I love these! I've never had a box like that before and now I'm pretty obsessed with them :-) All four of them play different melodies. This is one of them:

The boxes are also perfect for our room! They are all wooden with golden handles, so they match very well. And I finally have special place to store my jewelry - it was pretty annoying to go through pales of necklaces and earrings in search of something to wear. One of my boxes even has a necklace hanger! Fantastic. I left most of my jewelry back in Russia so on my next trip back there I'll try to bring it with me and fill the boxes up.

I also have plans on expanding my collection. I really want to find a music box with a dancing ballerina and a box on metal feet. We saw those in a thrift shop but they were broken and didn't play music. Hopefully, I can find some more working boxes.

And the winner of our first (and not last) Giveaway is... Gentri T.! Congratulations! We'll send you an email! 
Thanks to everyone for participating, there are more surprises to come!

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Unknown said...

I love simple minimalist wood jwelry boxes!
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