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Thursday, September 20, 2012

wham, bam, instagram!

via instagram @chestnutmocha

I can't believe it's already end of September! I can't even remember when I wore shorts and summer dresses in autumn last time. It's so amazing that I have to remind myself that it's not summer anymore. And this makes me appreciate these sunny days even more. This is what our life looks like recently, according to my iphone:

- we go hiking! It's so much better than in summer actually. No mosquitoes, bright blue sky, trees are so colorful! Love it.

- we surround ourselves with flowers. I know for many people it's time to decorate for Halloween but we try to make this summer feeling last a little bit more. In our front yard we have many-many lilac crocuses. I always thought crocuses were spring flowers but Idaho proves me wrong. It's magical! In our bedroom we have a big summer flower bouquet that Ben gave me for our 5 months anniversary. It has sunflowers in it! Awww..

- our garden slows down a little in its growth but we still manage to add fresh dill to our dinners and have sweet peas almost every day. I'm excited for the beets and carrots. I'll let them grow till it gets cold, hopefully it'll make them big and sweet enough :-) 

- talking about food, we tend to eat more of autumn dishes. Yesterday we had sweet corn chowder (thanks to Katherine and her recipe!) - it was so delicious! This week we also made a huge pizza and some yummy buckwheat stew. 

- our weekends usually go within the same plan: after a quick stop at the coffee shop we drive from one garage sale to another, from one thrift shop to another looking for all the possible treasures like old books, music boxes and polaroids. It reminds me that it's Thursday and our local newspaper already has the list of garage sales for the weekend! It's time to mark them on a map! :-)

What was your week like? Did you instagram it? Let's be insta-friends! 


Alma Boheme said...

Oh I love to go hiking... maybe one of these weekends we should do some exploring. I have been forcing myself to get in the mood of the fall .. we too have many flowers blooming. Thanks for that sweet corn chowder recipe! We also love to frequent garage sales around here.
See you on IG!

The Management said...

car shows! love 'em! the prince and I went to four this summer- so much fun.

Unknown said...

oh I love fall hiking and camping. I plan on starting once the weather starts acting like fall

parfums said...

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Chelsea said...

Ahhh your life sounds magical! I love it! The pictures are gorgeous too!

Alice Barton said...

beautiful photos! Ben looks so different without the beard! :) xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Contemplating Beauty said...

it seems like you guys are doing so WELL! I am so happy to see it and hear it:)

Love having you on IG now!

Chelsea Olivia said...

yaaaaay I look forward to your instagram posts! love as usual!


My name in Instagram is sugar-cookie. I really am enjoying your blog! I also blog with my boyfriend at Rancho Cocoa! We do not know many blogger couples, so it is nice to "see" you!

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