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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baking bagels with Laura

Hello! I'm Laura from Kitsunetsuki, and recently I've begun attempting to teach myself to bake. I've been doing pretty well with cakes, but the last thing I baked was in August (some yummy olive bread), so when Katie and Ben asked me to do my very first guest post, I thought I'd get the spatulas out and give bagels a try.

All the best food has holes in it: donuts, bagels, swiss cheese, onion rings... but they all seem like they're quite hard to get right yourself. I've made bagels before, but it was at least a year ago, and I think regular practice is the only way to perfect the technique! This time around I used a recipe from allrecipes.com with a few adjustments: I'd run out of sugar, and didn't steam them in the oven. I think actually those steps might have made a significant difference (oops!) so I'll definitely remember to next time.

Baking bagels is so much more fun than other types of bread for three reasons: you get to boil them for a bit, squidge them into funny circles, and roll them around on a plate of seeds. If you like playing with your food, I recommend baking bagels!

I made two types, one with sesame seeds and one without--I think next time I'd like to try poppy seeds, and the ones without seeds I'd glaze with egg whites to make them look a little more special.

I'd give my efforts a B+, because the edges were nice and chewy, the size and flavour was good, but there was something not quite 'bagel-ly' enough. I'm definitely going to try the technique regularly and work out where I might be going wrong and what I could be doing better! Have any of you tried baking bagels before? Do you have any hints or tips?


Wynne Prasetyo said...

great post! i can't cook, i don't make my own breakfast, so i could really use this for a change ;)


Wynne Prasetyo said...

great post! i can't cook, i don't make my own breakfast, so i could really use this for a change ;)


Chelsea said...

Those look amazing! Way to go!

The Jack Chronicles said...

I love bagels, but never thought about making my own. You did what looks like an amazing job!

New follower from the GFC Blog Hop :)


Unknown said...

OOh! Looks yummy, you take great pictures!

Makeup by Rachel

Unknown said...

I love bagels! Well any bread product :) New follower. Please stop by Hurley Love

The Millers said...

Wow, these looks delectable!

I am a new follower through the hop! Excited to follow you! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)


Sarah said...

They look so cute! I love seeing food items that are handmade, when typically the only time you see them is when they're store bought. It's so refreshing! :)

Katarina said...

great post.

thanks for your comment :) I'm following you on GFC now. :)

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Anni S said...

Stopping by from the "Follow Me Wednesday"!
Cute blog! :) New follower!

Anni // Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so cute! I found you via Myranda's blog Pretty Living PDX and the linkup. And those bagels? YUMMMMM! New follower here!


Naptime Review said...

Stopping by from Follow Me Wednesday. Love for you to return the follow!


Katherine said...

oh my gosh those look amazinggggg

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

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