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Friday, October 5, 2012

Opening an Etsy store with Katia from KittySnooks

Hey everyone! My name is Katia and I blog about my art, my style, and a bit of everything else over at KittySnooks! I want to thank Ben & Katie for letting me guest post – they’re such good blog-buddies and I am so happy to be posting on their wonderful blog!

I have recently embarked on a brand new adventure – opening an etsy store! I am currently selling one of a kind necklaces hand made by myself, and intend to expand to other products in the future (but those I’ll keep a secret for now!)
The way I make my necklaces come with a bit of a backstory…

I had a rotten summer – I know, not what people usually say about their summers, especially not in the positive atmosphere of the blogosphere! However, I have learnt a great deal and one of my rewarding results is in fact my necklaces. I worked a barista summer, and though this was not the actual reason behind my rotten summer, it didn’t really help me through it. I was in a coffee shop for what felt like day and night, 40 hours a week. I saw my coworkers more often than I saw my family, often leaving at 5 in the morning for work when my parents hadn’t woken up yet, or at 11:00 at night when they’d already gone to bed. It was a suffocating environment in terms of stifling my creativity, my inspiration and my emotions. In many ways I lost a certain passion - a certain grip on what was actually important in life.

So I searched for a way to reconnect with myself, and that happened to be through art and nature. It sounds like a clich̩, I know. But by creating the pendants for my necklaces out of wood I felt at peace. The smell of the wood I was using, the scent of smoke whilst wood burning the designs that brought back memories of camping and canoe trips, the textures, the colours, all of it! It was Рand still is - so refreshing.

That’s what I love about my necklaces – if you can forgive me for boasting about my own creations, I love that they incorporate nature with fashion (another thing I love!) and I love making them!

I suppose my point is that nature is an excellent way to reconnect with ourselves, if you ever feel worn down by an urban consumerist society.

And speaking of consumerism (ha!) take a look at my etsy store when you’ve got a second! I’ve got a few new necklace designs that I’m in the process of photographing and putting up so stay tuned if you like what you see now!


Helena Natanael said...

katia really pretty! :D

goodluck and thank you for joining my giveaway :D

I'm holding a giveaway, win a cute vintage dress, open worldwide! click here :D

Lublyou said...
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MorgHarpNich.com said...

very very talented! off to check out more of the store now


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