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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's for brunch with Alice

Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?

Hi Everyone!
This is Alice from the blog TheMowWay and I couldn't be happier to be here today with you!
For those who don't know me yet I am a 27 year old Brit currently living in Spain with Nino my boyfriend and Paris our pet pig.
I love food almost as much as I love fashion, so I decided to share with you what we had for brunch last weekend!

Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?
Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?

Green pesto and veggie Pizza!!!

Normally I like to bake my own crust, but since we didn' want to wait, we used store bought bases.
I am a lover of green pesto, I spread it on almost everything, so I decided to do a colourful pizza by combining pesto and tomato on the base.
It added a pop of colout to the dish and it tasted heavenly!
We used as toppings what we had in the fridge! Onion, corn, cheese and green beans.
Yes! Green beans! They turned out great, nice and crunchy!

Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?

Crustless quiche!!!!
We did some changes to this great recipe which we already tried here too.
It was perfect, put cooked spinaahs and mushrooms in a pan, sprinkle with greek feta cheese, cover with the beated eggs and top with cheese.
We went out for a walk with miss Piglet while the food was in the oven, so when we got home the food was ready to serve. Perfection!!!

Banana, honey and greek yoghurt shake!!!
Just as we were leaving the house I popped two greek yoghurts in the freezer for them to harden lightly.
When we got home I mixed them with a very ripe banana we had in the freezer, honey to taste and a few icecubes. Yummy and refreshing!!!

Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?

What do YOU have for Brunch?
We would love to hear all about your favourite homemade recepies!!

Guest post by TheMowWay.com: What's for Brunch?


Sarah said...

Yum this looks so lovely! I'll have to add it to my list of things to eat once I can eat dairy again (I'm nursing and baby boy isn't a fan of dairy) Thanks for sharing!

- Sarah

Britni Alexis said...


I co-hosted the Return the Favor Blog hop last week, but was sick so I'm just now getting around to checking out all of the blogs and following.

You are quite the chef! :)

Hope you're having an awesome day!


Patty said...

This looks delicious!! I love how visually appealing it looks! Gonna put my boyfriend the chef on it :)

Matthew Spade said...

2 pesto pizza looks grand, what a nice idea

Catherine Fishback said...

Yum! This looks amazing.


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