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Thursday, October 25, 2012

wham, bam, instagram!

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I haven't posted instagrams here since last month. Here are a few that I took in Sandpoint in the last week or so.

1. Our first lunch together after I got back. It was a sunny and warm day, we ordered our favorite Thai food and went to a park. 

2. Colorful leaves are everywhere! We went on a little hike and it became more of a photo walk as I stopped every second to pick a new awesome leaf from the ground and take a picture of it.

3. One of my dreams came true when we went to a corn maze! Well, the dream itself was to spend autumn holidays in the States because it's so much fun here. In Russia we don't have any autumn holidays, so this season is just all about school and work. And now I have a chance to really enjoy fall. A corn maze adventure was one of the fall wish list things. :-)

4. It's not a secret for my readers that I love mail and packages. I got this beautifully packed tote bag from Jessica - I'm so excited to show you more of it later!

5. Pumpkins, more pumpkins! I told you I love autumn here :-)

6. And I love autumn hikes around our town, too. Note to myself - we should go on a little hike/walk tonight.

7. We celebrated our 6 months anniversary! And we had a really nice dinner in a restaurant on the beach facing the lake and the mountains covered in snow. So romantic! Thank you, Benjamin!

8. My new nail polish from Feenix Polish. This one is Candy Corn - getting in the Halloween mood! 

9. My outfit from the other day. And a pumpkin again :-) I bought some gold spray paint and covered the pumpkin stem with it. Looks magical.

10. Colorful Sandpoint streets. I do like it here.

11. Lately I spend more and more time in the kitchen. Soups, muffins, stews, cookies... If only it weren't so dark in the house now! I need to take more pictures of what and how I cook.

How was your week? Did you instagram it? Let's be insta-friends - find us on instagram @chestnutmocha


Katia said...

That second photo (top right) is just so lovely, I remember loving it on instagram and I still adore it! I love the colours!!


Renée said...

Beautiful photos :)

Briseidy said...

lovely! great moments, love all the pumpkins!

sweet harvest moon said...

autumn <3

Matthew Spade said...

the leaves are looking great but i'm yet to see much colour actually. maybe you could snap some of your favs for a post?

laura g said...

aw little leaf/big leaf. those muffins look fantastic too--jealous of all these dry leaves you've got, ours are all mushy from rain :( x

Melanie said...

Wow, you're good with an iPhone cam! :D

Chelsea Olivia said...

This makes me want a polaroid camera now.

Mikelle Jade said...

um i seriously need to follow you on instagram, you take lovely photos.

and I LOVE your nails. delicious.

Dearest Lou said...

I love your instagram pictures! Not very many people take great ones (: I have an instagram account but currently have a piece a crap phone so I'm never on it but will totally add you once I get a new phone (:

Dearest Lou

Jillian Carreira said...

The fall colors still amazes me. Living in Trinidad everything is green and at times still warm. So I am really loving your pictures with the changing nature and I love the funky nail color.
I am following you now and looking forward to for next post.

Rhubarbarians said...

Looks like you're having a very festive fall week! It's lovely.


Anonymous said...

Picture #6 is gorgeous...wow...I wish my husband and I could walk there with our dog.

Unknown said...

i will be following you on instagram pronto! your photos are lovely :) i also really wish i'd come up with the 'wham, bam, instagram' title first :) x

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