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Saturday, November 17, 2012

what i wore: college days

shirt+skirt//thrifted; sweater//O'Stin ; tights/Target; shoes//Bandolino; tote//c/o jesslope; berry brooch//handmade by mom  

If I still were in college this is what I'd probably wear. Although when I was in college I didn't wear leather pencil skirts and shoes on low heels. I was more into jeans, light skirts and dresses. And I either wore flats or really high heels. When I think about college now I probably idealize it and look at it more from a fashion point of view. Like "How I'd style it". haha I say "idealize" but don't get me wrong, I don't miss it. It wasn't much fun, in Russia we didn't get to choose the classes we attended, we didn't live on campus or in a big student house, we didn't have any university events, etc. It was like a job but it never finished after 5pm, it went on and on for years. We all lived at home with our parents and commuted to school for an hour one way. After classes we all rushed home and spent the rest of the evenings studying. It was pretty hard to make friends in that situation, we were more like co-workers in an office. When I hear Ben talking about how great and fun  (and lots of work, of course, too) his college time was, I get very jealous and I feel like I was pretty unfortunate. The only good thing about those years was that I got too spend more time with my parents. Not that I really appreciated it back then.

To get back to fashion, this outfit is partly from Sandpoint and partly from Moscow (Russia). My favorite piece is the currant brooch my mom made. I'm also really happy with the tote bag I got from Jesslope by Jessica. It's a well-made shopping tote with a cute print. It's always important for me how the fabric feels and this bag is very nice to use.

On the other note, the snow melted and it's dry and nice again. I can only hope it stays like that for the next week's holidays. Ben and I get to spend 4 days in a row together at home, hiking, eating or doing whatever we want! 

Here are few other things I wanted to share:

- this fantastic giveaway at Note to self. You know how much I am into lomo cameras -- I'd be pretty happy to get a new one.
- you all heard about my super talented blogger friend Katia. She has a giveaway, too! Enter to win a handmade box with treasures HERE.
- Pretty cool Thanksgiving DIY: gobble latte coffee spoons — made from caramel, chocolate and colored sanding sugars.
- You can win an ad space for Chestnut Mocha and lots of other awesome prizes at Aunie Sauce this week.
- We guest posted at Texas Lovebirds last week! But I forgot to mention it earlier.. :-) Check it out if you're interested in a black bean soup recipe!


Chelsea Olivia said...

I love that tote! I'ma sucker for cute totes. I just ordered a cat one ahhahaha...crazy cat lady, i know. and I totally did not know you're from Russia, that's super cool!

Haley Titus said...

Your outfit is so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

Colour Me Classic

ellalogy said...

You look adorable in these pictures! Very college-appropriate :) And that tote bag is so cute!!

Ellie @ Ellalogy 

Briseidy said...

interesting story, I had no idea college was like that in Russia....
lovely outfit, great tote!

Anonymous said...

you look great..love your skirt!! i have 2 kids in college now and it doesn't sound anything like Russia.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

xix said...

Umm that is a great outfit, regardless for college or not! Tho I can see how it would fit particularly well amidst the backdrop of old stone buildings and that intellectual atmosphere. :3

X i x i a ❥ thisisxixia.com

catatan.si.hijau said...

pretty outfit :)
Irene Wibowo

Matthew Spade said...

that sounds like the total opposite from a lot of people's college/uni experience. i went and chose to travel instead of living in, saved a lot of money but probably didn't make as many friends as i could have done. sweet outfit, i like the print of the shirt

Lauren said...

Those shoes are perfection! Its coming up to the hotter weather for me, so seeing shoes like this makes me long for the colder weather!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Aw I love the adorable leaves on your shirt. xx

Jane said...

Love your outfit! Especially your blouse!

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