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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


mickinnick trail sandpoint
squirrel marks
forest sandpoint

The first snow fell last Thursday here in Idaho. It’s hard to believe that fall went by so fast, but I guess winter is already pretty much here. We’ve decided that we’re going to do more to embrace winter this year, so on Saturday we went to a “ski swap” where they sell used equipment. It turned out to be great! We got everything we need to go cross-country skiing, and new coats!

We were looking in the men’s section and Katie pulled out a coat that she really liked. It had bright primary colors, and because I tend to be a little conservative about clothing I was hesitant to try it on. It was an extra-large, which isn’t usually my size, but it looked like it would probably fit. I wanted to look at a few more and then try them all on at once. Katie liked this one so much that she held onto it while we walked around. I picked out a couple of other coats I liked. One of them was extra large, too, and when I tried it on it was definitely too big. Finally I tried on the one Katie liked and found out it was actually too small! It wouldn’t even zip in the middle. Apparently it had gotten misplaced in the men’s section. It seemed more like a women’s medium or small, which was perfect, it fits Katie great! We got it for her and found out when we got home that it was actually a “kid’s extra-large.” Which is a weird size, it seems like extra-large children should just wear adult sizes. The coat we got me ended up being pretty conservative, but I really like it.

Right after the ski swap, we swung by a garage sale we had heard about. It’s pretty late in the year for garage sales and we kind of expected not to find anything at all, but we got incredibly lucky, they had 4 old cameras! I think that’s the most we’ve ever found in one place. We’ll post more about those later, it was really great to find them, they were all models we hadn't come across yet.

After that, we decided to break in our new coats right away and go for a hike. We also wanted to show off our awesome new backpack! Ryan and Jill at Valentich bags custom made it especially for us. It’s definitely the coolest backpack I’ve ever had. The inside has all kinds of pockets and it’s really well made and colorful. The back is really sturdy too, it’s a perfect hiking bag – not too bulky or heavy, but plenty of space. We’ll take more pictures of the inside later and we’ll definitely be taking it whenever we go hiking or cross-country skiing this winter!

valentich bags
valentich backpack
valentich bags
sandpoint view
case of mr. pelham iphone

Anybody else skiing or doing other winter activities this season? When I was a kid I used to go snow camping... but it wasn't my favorite thing. I'm not sure if it was my sleeping bag or what, but mostly I remember being damp all the time and getting a headache from campfire smoke/not getting enough sleep.

- Ben.

sandpoint view


Breanna said...

How fun :) I love snow and I'm quite jealous of yall! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I miss Idaho so much sometimes, mostly because of the no people and outdoors:)

Chelsea Olivia said...

You two honestly seem like such a perfect for eachother couple. Love it. That backpack is awesome ps! And allllllso I LOVE finding pawprints in the snow. I did a few hour bus ride along a really snowy highway once and the entire time I was looking for tracks out the window hahaha.

Matthew Spade said...

custom made backpack, that's seriously impressive. great way to test its wares

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! I'm over in Washington and it just snowed here a few days ago but its all melted.
So excited to have found you via the GFC Blog Hop.

Come say hi!

Briseidy said...

oh the first snow! we haven't got any os snow yet here in MOntreal...nice photos, looks like fun!

Unknown said...

love love love these

Katherine said...

You hat! And your cute pup! Loving it. And that iPhone case. I wish I had an iPhone - I didn't enter the giveaway since I don't and it seemed silly to take away a chance of someone who could use it getting it.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Ana Morais said...

Love your shots so much!

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