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Monday, December 3, 2012

Lomography Monday: Polaroid Land Camera J66

polaroid land camera J66
polaroid land camera J66
polaroid land camera J66

Polaroid Land Camera Model J66 is a fixed-focus, auto-exposure camera for Type 47 (3000-speed black and white) roll film. While this film is no longer produced, you may find some on eBay -- but it will be long expired. Over 900,000 of these cameras were produced between 1961 and 1963. Original price: $89.95. Here are some technical characteristics:  

Lens: 114mm f/19 or f/14.5 meniscus (single-element) plastic
Shutter: pneumatic rotary; 1/15 - 1/1000
Flash: built-in hinged tilt-out flashgun for AG-1 bulbs
Automatic exposure; shutter speed controlled by selenium cell; manual control not possible.
Designed only for use with 3000-speed (B&W) film, though a color adapter kit (#660) was made available later in the product's life.
Flip-up viewfinder with projected framelines
Simple two-position zone focus.
Polished steel body with grey textured covering.

This was a very popular camera at its time-- it was easy to use, didn't need batteries, had a built-in flashgun, and was somewhat less expensive than the other Polaroid cameras at the time.

polaroid with a case
polaroid flash
polaroid roll film 3000 type 47

As you can see on this photo, our roll of film expired in the 70s, we got lucky enough to end up with two developed shots. The quality doesn't need any comments. But the experiment was worth it.

polaroid land camera J66 photo


Laura Darling said...

This is so cool! Love those two photos at the end!

Anonymous said...

cool camera... so vintage :)
Irene Wibowo

Alli said...

This is a lovely post, I love that you gave a great break down of the tech specs of the camera. I've never seen this camera before, looks nifty.

Thanks for sharing, I'll be sharing some of mine soon too.


Matthew Spade said...

it certainly provides you with a lot of kit, really unusual results too. Love your camera talk

Samantha-Elizabeth said...

i'm a new follower. love your blog :)

Elizabeth Valchar said...

That's cool! Nice info ;)

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