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Friday, December 21, 2012

what Ben wore: yellow chinos and brown boots

Voi jeans

sweater//Ralph Lauren; chinos//Voi Jeans; boots//Dickies;
glasses//Firmoo; belt//from Moscow

Dickies brown boots
Firmoo glasses

Katie bought me these pants for my birthday!  I really like them.  As I've mentioned before, my tendency in the past has always been to be a relatively conservative dresser, but I've recently been trying to incorporate some brighter colors and more interesting patterns, so Katie's been helping me.  My parents gave me the boots.

The gif below that Katie made of me throwing a snowball cracks me up, something about the way I shuffle my feet makes me seem like a crazy potato.

Shop this look:


sweet harvest moon said...

Love the Christmassy sweater!
Happy holidays!

Jessica said...

that snowball picture is awesome!!


Jes The Militant Baker said...

best. gif. ever.

Unknown said...

I am loving the color, just perfect for the snowy background. I wonder what tees and shoes that goes well with slim fit chinos. Care to share your fashion insight on what to wear with chinos?

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