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Saturday, March 30, 2013

a story of me and straight hair

sunset street portrait Sandpoint Idaho

As you might have noticed, I cut bangs recently, so now I get up earlier in the morning to straighten them. Usually I blow them out with my hair dryer and a big round brush. But a mailman brought me the perfect gift just in time for my birthday - a flat iron from Hana for a review! Did the team at Misikko know that my birthday is around the corner? It definitely felt like that when I saw the package.. I've never received such a nicely organized package of products from any online shop! I call it "Princess Birthday Box":

HANA professional straightener flat iron review
HANA Misikko hair flat iron review

My hair is very stubborn, it's mostly curly, but sometimes wavy, some days fluffy, and most of the time just crazy. I don't even brush it every day because it just makes me look like you found me on a desert island after my plane crashed there 3 months ago. Too much volume.  A few years ago when I last had bangs, I bought a nice flat iron with lots of cool buttons and options. I left it in Moscow last summer when we were moving because I rarely use it and it's just so bulky and heavy. Sometimes I miss it. But now I have the HANA Professional Flat Iron! It's way lighter than my old one (which is weird sometimes, it just feels like it doesn't press my hair enough.. but at the same time it's perfect for traveling and not getting tired arms!) and it has tourmaline ceramic plates in a pretty shade of blue.

But the most important part is how it works, right? It takes some time (might take less time on higher temperatures, but I prefer to keep my hair safe), I brush my hair with heat protection styling mousse and then I slowly go small sections of hair with the iron.

curly hair into straight fluffy hair

Straightening my hair helps to avoid it getting tangled, which it tends to do, and it also makes my hair look longer than when it's wavy and curly. Unfortunately, it also makes my hair weirdly fluffy at the end, I guess it means I have to get some of it cut, which was harder to notice when the ends were curling. Good to know! A few hours after having my hair straightened it finally lost its fluffiness, but it was too dark to take pictures, and the next morning it was all wavy again. I don't understand how some people straighten their hair once a week and it lasts for a very long time. There's no way that would work for me. Ugh. 

But anyways, the iron worked well, I won't be using it every day on my whole head but I'll touch up the bangs for sure.

Would I buy this iron if I didn't receive it for a review? Probably not.  It's a fun experiment for me, but I don't need it for every day use. I'd probably get a hair dryer instead, if I were planning to buy a hair styling device.

Would I recommend it to my friend who straightens her hair regularly? Probably yes, because it seems to be a nice product that does what it's supposed to do.  I didn't have any overheating/smelling/malfunctioning issues. And did I mention I love the packaging?! Overall, I approve :-)  

straight hair with flat iron
portrait straight hair


Jess said...

These are such lovely photos of you! Your hair also looks so pretty! I have naturally curly hair as well, so I totally understand why you don't brush it. I brush it when it is wet and that's it! Just makes it way worse. I'm glad you're enjoying your new toy :)

xoxo Jess

Matthew Spade said...

that's a serious amount of hair, looks great like that

Kelly said...

I love your bangs, so pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anna said...

your hair is gorgeous! :) I like the natural curl AND straight! (and the bangs are adorable)

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