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Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend road trip to Montana

downtown Missoula Montana
Ben blogger
Foresters ball in Missoula Smokey the Bear
Montana tea Missoula
Evening in Missoula tea
chipmonk squirrel deer tea cups
maple bacon chocolate bar
Paradise Montana road sign
St. Regis Montana Huckleberry smoothie

Early on Saturday morning we hopped in a car with Ben's parents and their dog and headed to Missoula, Montana. Ben and I wanted to take photos of the mountains and visit Montana thrift shops.  Ben's parents were going to the Forester's Ball at the University and meeting their old friends, and we all were going to see Ben's brother, his girlfriend and their new dog.

The two days we spent now seem like one very-very long day with lots of driving and eating. My favorite memories include going through a snowy passage in the mountains and looking out the window at small towns while passing by, stocking up on our favorite tea (Evening in Missoula, we love you so much!), finding the best set of tea cups ever (we bought a couple: a squirrel for me and a chipmunk for Ben) and having a big family lunch at the HuHot (I could have spent a day there!). Now I need to unpack, sort out photos and videos from my phone and develop a roll of film that we finished on the trip!


Anonymous said...

The maple bacon chocolate bar sounds surprisingly good.

Betty said...

We love taking road trips to Montana...such a beautiful state! I haven't spent much time in Missoula but I'm hoping to this summer. Glad you had a good time!

Unknown said...

Ahh I love this drive I used to live in Lakeside (now in Bozeman) and it is such a beautiful drive filled with fun little gems :) Hope you guys have a fun trip.

Kendra @ openspaces

Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

I love that drive too! Did you go by Quinn's hot springs? Our fav. spot! Also, I also love Evening in Missoula. Did you go to Butterfly Herbs?

Matthew Spade said...

whoa this chocolate sounds really interesting, i've never seen anything like that over here. i'm heading to america in june so i'll have to see if there's any stockiest near us.

Big Smokey!

Anna said...

wow.. you look so happy!

From Korea, Anna

Punk said...

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