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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my first American Easter

American Easter egg hunt
wearing bunny ears for Easter
coloring eggs face drawing
coloring eggs for Easter

In Russia, Easter is a religious holiday, not much of a family gathering. We color eggs and bake Kulich (Russian Easter cake covered in white icing and colorful drizzles), Orthodox people go to churches and celebrate there... And actually, Russian Easter is still to come in a few weeks, the Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar to calculate all important dates. 

Anyway, this year I is the first time I've been in the US during Easter. I'm far from being a kid, but I was probably the most excited person in our town: wearing bunny ears, coloring eggs and then looking for chocolate eggs all over the yard. I think the egg hunt was my favorite part because it reminded me of mushroom hunting, which I'm pretty good at after lots of years of experience. Also, the weather was amazing! I mean we're in North Idaho and it was above 60 F, sunny and dry.. It feels like winter suddenly ended and it's summer now! Russian spring is not as pleasant this year, it's still snowing over there.. I want to send some warmth and sunshine their way. 

How was your Easter?  Anybody have any other traditions?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed you first American Easter! My family usually has a lunch or dinner, but we didn't this year.

Areeba said...

Oh boy , your pictures are reminding me my chilhood wearing bunny ears.

Kyla said...

Your Easter looks like so much fun! I haven't dressed up or decorated eggs in a long time, but I always used to visit the Easter Bunny in my hometown growing up :)

Anna said...

ha, I love this. :) If you want to send them some warmth and sunshine, these pictures ought to do the trick!

Anonymous said...

You guys look so sweet with your bunny ears. I adore these photos and I'm so excited you enjoyed your first North American Easter!!

I hope you ate your fill of chocolate.


Jess said...

You guys are too cute! And your eggs are pretty cool too!

On Easter, we usually go to church and then later gather with the family for an early dinner and have an egg hunt. Sometimes we color eggs too!

Sending thoughts of sunshine Russia's way!

xoxo Jess
Foreign Room

Cereal with Chopsticks said...

Adorable photos!!


sweet harvest moon said...

Sounds like fun!

Here in Belgium we celebrate Easter with the whole family.


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