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Friday, May 31, 2013

A few sunny photo cards from the trip

passion fruit flower
bridge across Mississippi river
New Orleans scooter
New Orleans JAX
Pensacola Beach

I'm finally getting a new laptop (hopefully) next week - I can't wait! But until then it's pretty hard to keep up on all of the online fun and look at all of the photos from the past few weeks by myself. I even shot and developed 3 rolls of Golden Half film! So excited!


sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful and so sunny!

Katia said...

Aggggggh the photo of the vespa and that little house look sooooo cute and picturesque!


Areeba said...

Such lovely and bright photos :)

Unknown said...

looks like such a lovely trip!

Elana said...

Oh wow, your blog and your photos are just gorgeous! Having a garden sounds like so much fun and such a nice hobby :)


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