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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wine paintings by Ben

wine painting of Bacchus
wine painting of a face tree
wine painting of a fat man

Hi, this is Ben again! I've been painting with wine lately because it's an interesting color and it tends to make me come up with things I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Obviously, people are my favorite subject. The wine starts out pink and then turns purple, but it depends on the kind of wine. Bacchus stayed relatively pink. 


Unknown said...

What a cool idea!

Matthew Spade said...

whoa these are top notch, interesting idea using red wine. You're very talented, i like that they're fun too

lisa said...

What?! This is so awesome! I've never hear of wine painting before!

Katia said...

Looks like you combined two of my favourite things ever into one! Wine & Art! ;) These are amazing, I especially love the first one!


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