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Monday, June 10, 2013

Lomography Monday: road trip in the south

golden half road trip
Houston Texas
lomo road trip
New Orleans evening
New Orleans film
hand granate NOLA
NOLA French Quarter
New Orleans film
road trip on film
Mississippi river
golden half camera and doughnuts
Pensacola beach on film
driving in Pensacola beach
Mexican Gulf

While we're young, we should arm ourselves with a toothbrush and go wherever our eyes look. Laugh, make crazy things, cry, go against the system, read so much that it seems like all of it can't fit in our heads, love with all our hearts.
Just live.

-- Konstantin Stanislavski
As I mentioned here before quite a few times, we spent the end of May on a road trip across the South. As always, I took my dear Golden Half camera on the adventure with us, and it didn't disappoint. As much as I want to just publish all the photos I got developed right now, I understand that it will only make sense to myself and it's better to sort them out and make separate posts for different topics.

These are photos from the road trip between Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. At least that was the official name of our adventure. In reality it looked like this: Houston, TX 2 days, New Orleans, LA 2 days (we so much wished we stayed longer!), Pensacola, FL 2 days, in between everything driving through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and then 1 an 1/2 days in Amicalola Falls State Park just an hour north from Atlanta. I'll definitely post more about the trip because I have so many sunny pictures to share from our Canon, I'll try to do it all this week!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Postcards from Rachel said...

Can't wait to see more photos from your trip!

Hannah G. said...

Yay! I've been waiting for these :D
Love Ben with a Hurricane, Katie on the beach, and those N'Orleans colors.

mizhenka said...

The buildings are all so lovely!

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