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Friday, June 14, 2013

New Orleans, you are beautiful!

turquoise in new Orleans
New Orleans road trip
New Orleans blog
house decor in New Orleans
buildings in NOLA
pomegranate blooming
road trip in the southern USA

More trip pictures!! And this time they are digital and I have a story and 'thank-you's to go with them. Ben and I were planning to take a road trip in the US for a while, we just had to decide where exactly to go. And when our friends invited us for their wedding in Georgia, it became clear that we'll head south! Neither Ben nor I have been to the southern states, so we took a week off work and planned to visit quite a few places. It didn't sound like the cheapest vacation ever but I got very lucky and won Southwest Airline tickets from Influenster! Yes, I know, it all sounds crazy, I've never won anything as awesome before, but it's true! They gave me a coupon for a roundtrip flight anywhere in the US! This definitely helped us not worrying about the seafood and coffee bills along the way.

The most memorable place on the whole Texas-Georgia route was definitely New Orleans, and Ben can second me on this for sure. I actually feel like Ben loved it even more than I did: he wanted to move there the first evening we arrived! Everything about NOLA is amazing: the air, the buildings, people, flowers, music, etc. Did I mention cute wooden street cars and lots of seafood? The city just feels so vibrant, colorful and creative! I wish there weren't hurricanes and similar disasters, it would have been heaven. But anyways, two days weren't enough and we're planning on coming back again in the future.


Briseidy said...

wow!free plane tickets..you were really lucky!
It really sounds and looks like a beautiful place, nice to hear you had a great time!

Unknown said...

I love New Orleans! I once won a contest and got free tickets with a worldwide jet charter company and had my pick of any country to fly to. We ended up picking India because we wanted to experience the culture.

Viktoria said...

very nice post!

wanna follow each other?

mizhenka said...

These photographs are so wonderful. Love the blues and your yellow dress.

Dimana said...

Some friends and I did a US roadtrip for a month 2yrs ago and we stayed in NewOrleans for 3 days. My word, such an amazing place!
The vibe of walking these awesome, and somewhat creepy, streets especially in the evenings, is just amazing!
The food and all that jazz! :)
Just a lovely place :)

Matthew Spade said...

we had planned to go to NO but just didn't have enough money for enough stay overs to make it worth it, so that's why we headed to Savannah. We heard they were similar in ways, we didn't regret it, photos very soon.

it does look wonderful here, great photos.

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