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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

summer picnic and a bunny

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banana bread cheese tea summer picnic
white bunny in a park
white gray rabbit
golden hour portrait
summer picnic in Sandpoint
Wearing: silk top//thrifted; skirt//ASOS; sandals//GAP

It's Monday, but we didn't want to say good-bye to the weekend fun, and after work headed to a park for a picnic. It was very simple: just the essentials like mint tea, homemade banana bread with nuts, cheese, our soft blanket and a camera. We went to Memorial Field park next to the lake and just a short walk from our house. 

We settled under three big trees in a sunny spot, cut the bread, and then suddenly noticed our old friend munching on white clover right next to us! We first met our neighbor bunny rabbit in March and since then we've seen it almost every day under our window in the backyard or just hopping around nearby. The last week or so we lost sight of it and were even slightly worried - what a relief it is to know that the bunny found its way to the green park and it looks just as healthy and happy as earlier this spring! I really wish we could just have it and take care of it, but I guess it's a pretty smart and adventurous bunny.  It seems to enjoy freedom.

On another note, I'm testing Photoshop Elements tonight -- so far so good. I've been using Photoshop for the last 7 years and we've always been great friends. As you may know, my other laptop died last month taking down all of my programs and files. So now I have a new start with a new mac, empty hard drive and zero applications. Before getting a subscription to Photoshop on the cloud, I decided to use this period as an excuse to test some new programs and products, so I got Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Anyone use these programs? What do you prefer?


Briseidy said...

pic nics are my favourite part of summer!
lovely pics...how cute is that bunny!

Unknown said...

wow! so nice pics!

Yulia Sidorenko said...

super lovely pics! xoxo

love, Yulia

Katia said...

Your skirt is so elegant and lovely! You two and your picniks - its the greatest thing!


Jaclyn Y said...

How adorable is that bunny, I would want to keep him as a pet too!


Unknown said...

Looks like such a lovely afternoon! It's so funny that a domestic little bunny like him is just running around outside, he's so adorable!


Matthew Spade said...

ah you guys, such a nice way to spend a day

Ottavia said...

As a domestic rabbit it's actually not equipped to survive properly outside. I'd say to call animal control on your neighbor but it's likely that the bunny might be euthanized if it's taken into a shelter... Maybe you could find the info for a rabbit shelter in your area (yes they exist)and contact them to see what advice they have. The owner's are extremely irresponsible to let the rabbit out unsupervised and unrestricted, and they should lose custody.

Lublyou said...

You are right! I'll look up the nearest rabbit shelters, we have an animal shelter in town, they don't kill animals, but they only accept dogs and cats.. We were thinking of catching the rabbit and letting it live in Ben's parents' backyard.. but we couldn't come close enough to the bunny so far. Thank you for your comment! I'll keep asking people about it.

Missy said...

That bun is really cute, you must have bunny radar!

I would see if your area has a House Rabbit chapter. They will help you. :3

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