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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Tour: the bathroom

bathroom house tour
blogger house tour bathroom
products in the bathroom
bathroom tour
bright white bathroom
owl in bathroom
art in bathroom
cherry tree under the window
cherry tree in bokeh

Welcome to our bathroom! To tell the truth, this is so far my favorite room in this little house: it's so bright, so big, so new, the view is amazing, -- I just love it! I think that when we move out of this house one day, I'll miss the bathroom the most. This is why I decided to document it in this post, to keep the good memories alive as long as possible. 

I love coming here after work, taking a shower and switching to home mode, letting the water take away all of the unrelated thoughts and problems. When I have extra time in the evening, I fill the bathtub with bubbles, grab a book or a magazine, and just take some time to myself to relax.

Did I mention the view? This is the first bathroom in my life with windows, and it has four windows! I can actually have live flowers here all year round. My favorite part of the morning is coming to the bathroom, opening the curtains and letting the sunlight in. In winter we used to say "Hi!" to a moose in the backyard; in spring we observed a white bunny jumping on a lawn and a cherry tree blooming; now the window view is so colorful and the tree has so many leaves that we don't even need to hide behind the curtains! 


Floral Danielle said...

I love your little perfume tray! :)


Kellie said...

I love how white, bright, and airy it is, and the art pieces you've collected are lovely. What a pretty room!

Elizabeth said...

love the gold accents! and how you can photograph a bathroom in such a way that it looks lovely!

joule said...

What a pretty rook! I like all the details. J.

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