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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sandpoint parade and Hope fireworks: how we spent the 4th of July

Sandpoint Idaho 4th of July parade
horse painted in American flag
Sandpoint 4th of july float

Have you had enough of a break by now from seeing photos of the 4th of July and the fireworks all over the Internet? I hope so, because today I'm sharing my part of the celebration!

In the morning of our first 4th of July in Sandpoint, Idaho we woke up late, quickly made coffee in our press, and headed out to the parade. The streets were packed with cars, bikes and people, it made us once again feel thankful for our wonderful little apartment downtown! It's great to just walk everywhere with no need to get there in advance in order to drive in circles looking for a parking spot. 

The parade was fun, we saw many familiar faces walking down the street with the flags, performances, vintage cars and horses. It was a bit too hot, and next year I'll bring a hat and a bottle of water. Something to sit on would be nice, too.

Hope Idaho fireworks
Hope ID 4th of July
fireworks in Hope Idaho
Independence Day in Sandpoint and Hope
fireworks in Idaho
Hope bay foreworks
Hope marina fireworks
lake pend oreille fireworks
4th of july on lake pend oreille
idaho 4th of july

In the evening we met with Ben's parents and all together headed to a friends' beach house near the town of Hope on the other side of the lake. The place was gorgeous: a private beach, fantastic views of the lake and the mountains, lots of boats and people water skiing and boarding. We had a wonderful dinner which was followed by the Independence Day firework show above the lake. It's a new experience to me to watch a show in North Idaho: the sounds of the fireworks echo from the mountains and reflect in the lake. Breathtaking!


Unknown said...

You got some amazing firework shots!! I missed out on those this year and only got sparkler photos.

Mrs. B said...

Hi there! I found your blog on Twitter, I was born & raised in Idaho and now travel the world as a military spouse :)

Matthew Spade said...

I really love seeing what you guys get up to, it's pretty inspiring

Katherine said...

Your fireworks photos are amazing! What a lovely 4th. Your town seems so adorably American

Kelly said...

What a cute parade and you got some really great firework shots!

Sparkles and Shoes

mizhenka said...

Love the firework photographs! And that horse made me laugh.

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