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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farmer's Market

Hi, this is Benjamin, I went to the farmer's market in my home town today to take pictures to share, I really wished Katie was there so I am posting a bunch of them. I can't see the moon from my dinner table but I can walk outside into the yard and see it every night. When I arrived and was driving home it with my parents it was a clear night. I noticed how bright the moon was and thought of Katie.

The farmer's market was really bright, lots of tie-dye and sunshine!

And this last one is a surprise "Western Woods' Troll" made by my mom!

Did I mention that I miss Katie like crazy?  I miss her so much it's unbelievable, but today I sent my visa documents for processing, so that's good at least!


Anonymous said...

aww, I can tell you really love Katie!

Campbell Kids said...

I'm sure Katie will love this post! Great photos and what a neat farmers market.


Lublyou said...

I do love her and I miss her a ton! Thanks for looking at the post :-) The market was fun and it was a nice day to be outside!

Lublyou said...

I do love everything you do, and this post, too, of course! K

Emma said...

Wow that looks like a cool market! Lovin the photos! xx

Sabrina said...

I love these photos! There's such a fun feel to this market. Looks like an amazing time!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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