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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello from Moscow! One more month to go till B is back -- yes that's true, i mostly count the days down and dream of the days we are together again. Till then we'll be posting from the different corners of the world, from the "past" and the "future". When it's evening here B wakes up in Sadnpoint to say Good night to me and every Moscow morning I go to work and wish my mister sweet dreams. This week every morning when i'm waiting for a bus i see the Moon: big and full -- and i wonder if B is looking at it too now while having dinner or something... ok, ok, i sometimes think about some other stuff, too, haha. Here are some of the things i'm loving this week:

my new Accessorize necklace
july-august Saveurs issue
lovely ZENIT

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gosh, it must be hard to be so far away from the guy you love! My boyfriend is only two hours away and that's hard for me!

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