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Sunday, July 17, 2011

From Far Away Sunday

Hello everyone! This is our new Photo Project! First the reason: Benjamin went home for a month and a half to make his new visa and to be able to spend the next year here with me again. That mean there are 4843 miles or 7796 km between us! Also the whole Europe, Atlantic ocean, many cities, towns, rivers and mountains... I miss him tons! and can't wait for him to be back.. So meanwhile we decided it would be fun to make a photo project where we pick a topic and shoot a picture of it and then put them together. This way we can see the things from far away through each other's eyes and also have a feeling that the dear one is closer, or even right here, looking at the same thing i do... So we took our cameras and shot the first pair of pics! And here's our first Sunday theme - A Road:

a road in Sandpoint, ID, USA
a road in Moscow region, Russia

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