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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quad Lens Camera - Disderi 4 lens Toy Camera

The 4 Lens Camera allows you to take four photos at once: the shots are taken in 0.25 second intervals! This camera is perfect for beginners because you really can’t do anything wrong! It has many color combinations and the sound when you click on the shutter is super funny: it makes everyone around wonder where you got such a cool toy!

The other cool thing about this camera is it’s size. It’s only about 10cm (4 in) wide and very light -- it can be easily carried in your pocket or bag. The viewfinder is just a plastic frame on the top of the camera; don’t think of it as a highly-accurate viewfinder you could trust with what you see on a print later, think of it more as a general guide to where to point your camera and who gets in the shot..

There are a few obstacles with this camera for the experiment lover. Like most plastic-lensed cameras, the Disderi 4-lens needs plenty of light, but there’s no hotshoe for a flash - you can shoot only in the daylight. The other thing is the paired shutter release and film advance. After it takes a shot, the film needs to be advanced if you want to take another photo. This unfortunately means no multiple exposures. 

Awesome plus: it’s very cheap (10-20$)! You can find really good online deals (Gmarket, Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay) and it’ll surely be one of the cheapest (and funniest!) new cameras you’ll ever buy. Here are the photos from our latest roll:

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