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Friday, July 15, 2011

MatuMba and СhiFFon

This summer we keep discovering new drinks to refresh ourselves (it's +33C/91F in Moscow!!). Our latest treats are Lemonades Premium with pear, orange, grape and apple juices. We loved the tastes and also the package -- simple but elegant! For the outdoor lunch we made baguettes with bacon, cheddar, tomato and lettuce. It's pretty easy: you take a baguette, cut it in two halves, spread with herbed oil or whatever you like more (butter/mayo/sour cream), add some lettuce, fried/baked bacon, slices of tomatoes and cheddar or your favorite cheese. Anything will work really.. cucumbers, parsley, fried egg, pepper, spinach - you can use your fantasy and anything you find in a fridge! And in 10 minutes you are ready for a nice picnic outside! Can't wait to go to a park again!

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Alice Barton said...

i like the first photo a lot!

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