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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Toycamera Analogcolor

We love to take photos using real toy cameras -- the results are always unexpected and so cool!  But sometimes it's nice to be able to get the same effect without going through the process of shooting a whole roll of film and waiting for development.  This program is really cool!  It is Japanese and you can try it for free! Check out the before & afters:

And there are many more options with the colors than we've shown here! We should note that it seems a little like cheating ;-) but the effect is pretty cool, you can even make it look like the edges have been flashed by checking the "cover open" option -- it's a cool nostalgic look. It does make a watermark at the bottom right of the picture, but you can buy the full version to get rid of it.

And one more thing, here's a new song Benjamin wrote :-)


Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

Oh boo, only for iPhones. It does create great photos!

Lublyou said...

Oh, actually Collins, this isn't for iPhones! iPhones have an option to take film/toy camera style photos, but this is just a computer program that applies filters to regular digital photos so anybody can use it!

shari said...

Love the effects! Especially for that first photo of the blossoms... I use a couple iPhone apps, but don't do a lot of computer alterations to my photos, unless it's to clean up bad lighting.

Love Benjamin's new song! Can't wait to share it with my BF. He plays guitar, too, and loves hearing what other people are doing... such a happy tune!

Anonymous said...

oh, what a cool program! I love the effects on your photos.

Lublyou said...

Shari, this is Ben, definitely show your boyfriend the song, I like hearing what other people are doing too so if he has anything posted let me know and I'll go listen!

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