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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

My Bunbun is at work, it is 9:30 and I miss him a lot.. It was awesome to see him during my lunch break today but I wish we had more time. Yes, I don't get to see my dear enough during the week... And yes, today I came to my office at 7:30am and after lunch I took my laptop home and worked straight till 8:30pm.. but i still like my job and i am thankful for it! 
I was thinking about being thankful lately a lot. I guess it conects to noticing even some small things and being inspired with your life and what's around you. It is pretty stressful to live in a big city and I often find myself being irritated at subway crowds, long commute, not enough sunlight and fresh air.. so each time i have to remind myself about all those wonderful things i have in life and what i should feel grateful for! Today I am thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for visiting us over here! :-)

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Contemplating Beauty said...

Omgsh, did you take that picture? I kid you not, I witnessed something similar over our Thanksgiving break! There were birds all huddled up on each branch like that at an outdoor mall! My husband snapped the pics, so I'll have to see if they turned out--and a few weeks back, I captured the same thing in my backyard, and I blogged about it--just too precious for WORDS isn't it?!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

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