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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Disderi 3 Lens Robot Camera

Welcome, Robot! I've been dreaming of finding this toy camera for awhile and finally there was a package from Hong Kong in my mailbox! I already had some experience with the other Disderi plastic cameras: a Quad lens one and a Twin Star one - so I knew that the natural light is essential for correct exposure. Unfortunately, even this didn't save my first roll - a photo laboratory messed everything up by spilling some liquid on my roll and then printing them with dirty spots. You can see them below. Since then I've finished some new rolls but I still didn't process them just because I don't know who to trust.

But lets talk about the good things now.. The robot camera is so much fun! With just one shot you get three pictures! And it is cheap, light and makes a funny noise when you take a picture! Sooo the "pluses" are:
* low price
* no batteries
* small
* bright design
* 3 pictures in one frame
* funny sound
* bunnies like it

The "minuses" include lack of flash, unpredictable framing (there is no actual viewfinder) and possible confusion when developing.

It is also a super cute decor element for any shelf. The cameras come in pink/white, black/orange, black/yellow, or green/white variations!.


Anonymous said...

oh wow! i have never seen anything like that camera. v. cool. ;)

love that mix of bridge photos... all the shadows and lines, so pretty !!

Anonymous said...

that's adorable! I love how the pictures turn out.

Emily Mae said...

I just found your blog so this comment is a little late, but I wanted to tell you that I love how those pictures came out! Beautiful!

Alice Barton said...

what cool effect that camera makes.
Love, Alice.

Batty said...

So cute!!

lacuoca said...

hi! Could you tell me what kind of roll film used? the pictures were magnific!

Anonymous said...

@lacuoca hey your blogger account is non-reply, so I couldn't email you my comment, we don't support this website anymore, we're at lublyou.com now. Anyways, thank you! I think it was something like Kodak 200 or 400, 35mm - it's been 3 years since then, so I'm guessing here.

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