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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I am a huge fan of everything with mushrooms: mushrooms itselves, hunting and picking them in the woods with my family, cooking all sorts of yummy things, taking pictures of them.. sometimes i wish it were always autumn!

And here are a couple of adorable mushrooms I found online. This wonderful necklace:

And.. these amazing surprises i am sure everyone would be excited about: a grow-your-own-mushrooms-at-home set!! oh, love it!!

How cool is that? I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did. Now it is time for growing some! :-)


Contemplating Beauty said...

I am too!!! I have this great website that I know of where they sell vintage mushroom prints!

Katia said...

My best friend is the exact same way! So funny!
LOVE that necklace, so adorable - even if I'm not crazy about mushrooms!!!!


Haley Rogers said...

I love those videos! and mushrooms! how cool is that thing.

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