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Friday, December 16, 2011

i won a giveaway!

Just WOW! It was such a long and busy week that i rarely had a chance to use the Internet or browse any blogs.. and then tonight at the end of the working day i check my email and find out that I WON something cool!! It was a giveaway at The Dainty Squid from talented Julie of Gleeful Things! I am so excited! Not only it is the first time i win something over the Internet but also it is such a great and pretty thing to have and wear! Perfect surprise for the coming New Years! Thanks a lot!

And just look at this cute thing! An adorable bearded dragon playing a game! :-)

UPDATE 12/05/12: I never received the hat. I wrote some emails and every time Julie promised to send the hat soon. After we moved to the US I sent Julie another email telling her we changed the address and now it's even closer and faster to send the prize, she promised to do it soon.. and still hasn't.. So I guess the first giveaway wasn't real..


Anonymous said...

YAY for you! How exciting! And what a cute prize! Love it.

Katie x

Contemplating Beauty said...

that is awesome! hahaha I never win those giveaways either, how exciting! YAY and it is DARLING! It's gonna be perfect on you:)

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