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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday Secret Party

Less than a week is left till Christmas and less than two weeks are left till New Year and our vacation! It's so wonderful! The weather finally looks like winter: it's been snowing this whole week, everything is white and pretty now. This Tuesday we were invited to a special Pre-New Year party by LeMeridien. It took place in a super awesome 19th century mansion of Savva Timofeyevich Morozov - he was a Russian businessman and philanthropist. This house is a mix of Gothic architecture and romanticism and it was built by our famous architect Fyodor Schechtel and decorated by fantastic Mikhail Vrubel. Usually it is absolutely impossible to get inside this building if you are not a foreign ambassador because it belongs to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. We got lucky :-) It was pretty cool especially a guided tour! I'll share some inside spy pictures later haha


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