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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mauritius: Golden Half

Today I finally got my first roll of the Mauritius honeymoon series developed! I so much love my Golden Half and after looking through these photos I love it even more! It's a perfect camera for traveling: Golden Half is small, plastic and very light. It also takes twice more photos per roll of film than other cameras. How fantastic is that? If you are interested in details you can read my Golden Half review HERE.

Oh, I miss Mauritius, its white sand and palms and my walks with husband... Looking at these pics helps me keeping those memories alive. Bunbun, I can't wait to go places with you again!


Svenja said...

oooh i am a little jealous. this is just so cool :) i like your bikini by the way ;)
love, svenja

Angela said...

Wow! J'aime les photos!!!

Angela Donava

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