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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mauritius: Péreybère beach

This is our beautiful Péreybère beach in the northwest part of Mauritius! It is located in a sheltered bay in Péreybère village between Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux. The beach itself is pretty small but at the same time quiet and clean with white sand and crystal clear waters. During the week there aren't many people and you don't need to look for a free spot, but on the weekends all the locals head to the beach and it becomes pretty crowded.

The color of the water is amazing! You don't need to go far to watch fish! It swims all around you near the beach. We saw colorful black and yellow, light blue, big grey fish and even some little needlefish! Don't worry though, there's nothing dangerous for you in these waters.

Don't forget to spend an evening at the beach and watch a sunset! It becomes dark pretty early there, in April night comes at around 5:30-6 pm. In our previous post you can find some pictures of the sunsets that we caught - every evening is unique and breathtaking! It's a perfect honeymoon and romantic way to spend an evening - enjoying sun reflections, fresh breeze and music of water rolling sand. 

Now back to reality. Nearby the beach you can find restaurants, bars and cafes. Within a 5-minute walk you can find Winner's - a supermarket with most of the things and foods that you might need. There's a bus stop infront of the beach - a bus will take you to Grand Baie for more night life, dining and shopping opportunities. 

My advice is clear: when you visit Mauritius - visit Péreybère beach! Happy holidays!


Katia said...

What beautiful photos! And two very good lookin' vacationers ;) ;)

Makes me want to travel, and be on a beach in the warm sun... ahhh!

Unknown said...

Love that pretty white dress you are wearing:)

Contemplating Beauty said...

i know getting back to reality is so so hard, don't be hard on yourself if you feel a little depressed now...that's completely normal..

beautiful photos, that beach looks like heaven!!!

Namnam said...

Amazing pics!!

Take care :)

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